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Benild Joseph listed among world's top 17 white hat hackers along with Bruce Schneier,Kevin Mitnick & Mark Russinovich.

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My Story

The award winning speaker Benild Joseph is a 25 year old White Hat Hacker with definitive experience in the field of computer security in India.

Benild is also working with various Corporate companies, Government departments as well as Law enforcement agencies. He is a regular speaker at Information security & digital forensics conferences in India and abroad.

Widely recognized as a computer security expert, he has discovered critical vulnerabilities in popular websites including Facebook, Yahoo, Blackberry, Sony Pictures, Tesco, AstraZeneca, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.

To his credit he has many registered and pending patents in Cyber Forensic and Information Security domain. His research interests include Internet Security, Data Forensic, Virtualization and Mobile Security.

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Benild Joseph is an award winning speaker and has delivered more than 200 talks on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security in India at colleges, companies, industry meets and government organizations.

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